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hay bro you forgot capter 2 second save if you go to the bridg and go left untill you get to the small fance and left again you are in a building with no hitbox

Heya! Sorry about the mess chapter 2 is right now, im working on a total remake of chapter 2! Ill be publishing on steam so wishlist if you would like to play all 5 chapters!

I forgot to play this game some months ago. And I have just tried it. It's super cool to move, the story is good and it's not annoying, also the visuals and voices are great.

Amazing job, keep it up!

Thank you! Im real glad to see people enjoying, i hope you are able to play chapter 3 when it comes out :)

I will :D

can you make it available for macos because I tried playing on my mac but its unsupported idk why

k, ill release on mac alongside chapter 2

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nice i am excited to play your game it looks exciting :)

I played the game for around 16 mins, and I enjoyed playing the game. The levels were getting interesting one after another. It was fun playing them. I don't usually play puzzle games but I really liked this one. I also liked the voiceover and the story. I got stuck at the level where the elevator broke. There were some bugs, the first one was that sometimes I wasn't able to move (no, it wasn't the glass) and 2 the cube could go through the object. I have attached some screenshots so you can have a look at them.

alright, I'll try fixing these bugs after my exams and chapter 2! Thank you for your feedback!

which level was the first bug? You should be able to tell with the loading screens

I faced the first bug  in almost every level