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Click 19:06 for 'The Mall'!

Really fun game. Keep up the good work!

Thanks for playing :)

like your game it was fun but I do think Greg should be harder to avoid I rarely saw him during my play-through. other than that I like your idea and can't wait for your next game or more of this one.

Thanks for the feedback! I released an updated version of the game which made greg harder.

dang man, great game, though i wish the UI was a bit better, aswell as the graphics, you didnt seem to follow a certain graphics style, not that you had to, but i think it makes the game look better. Good game overall though :)


Not a bad game. Wish Greg was more of a threat, but still enjoyed it.

Thanks for the feedback! And I enjoyed your gameplay :)

I like the concept but the controls are not good and I can't walk if press the crouch button. The monster appears at the very end of the game and the monster is so easy to lose. Hope you will update the game and consider the suggestions. :)

Thank you for the feedback! Yeah I didn't really have enough time to test out Greg, after all I only had 48 hours, I shall consider your suggestion.

Hey just asking, what do you mean by so easy to lose? Is the game easy or hard?

I mean the monster came at the end of the game and his speed is too slow. :) 

Oooooh,  thanks!

nice game concept and overall gameplay is nice